First off, elephant in the room: you’ve been bassinwithoutburg for a little bit now. Hand up, that one is probably on me and I genuinely apologize. To be fair, I got a new summer job this year causing me to leave my old job at Bass Pro, and it was tough on me, it really hit me hard. Anyone that’s gone through a breakup knows what I’m talking about. 

The good news today marks the day we do our first ever bait review on the blog. And get this guys- the bait isn’t even on the market yet. Yeah, that’s right. So strap in, stop doing whatever you’re doing right now other than reading this blog, and take out your notepads because we got a lot to cover. 

So as a disclaimer, a company new to the market reached out to me over email a few weeks back asking if they could send me a few baits to try out and give some feedback on. Tackle and talking about tackle is like air to me, I need it. No, I am not sponsored by them, they did not pay me to do this, and I’m not affiliated with them in any way, so you can relax I’ll give you my honest opinion on the these bad boys.

What it is:

The B-Bait Cthulhu is a brand new soft plastic that bleeds into the water. Pretty wild if I do say so myself, very intriguing. 

I’m not gonna lie to you my first thought was “huh, pretty cool” and immediately after i realized that all those lunatics that swap out all their trebles hooks for red ones (we all know that guy)  are going to go BANANAS when they find out about this. 

So if you didn’t watch the video, the bait bleeds by inserting a small pellet into the b-hole of the b-bait. They give you this nice little poking tool with your baits to help you give it a suppository. 

As the bait “bleeds” the capsule sizzles like an aka-seltzer, and red liquid seeps through the two holes in the hollow side of the bait, all the while giving off a scent, either baitfish or shrimp whichever you choose. 

Right off the bat I noticed how heavy the bait felt. It’s wild because half of the thing is hollow but that top half of the bait is CHOCKED full of salt. I got high blood pressure just from holding the thing. 

The Rigging

I fished this bait only weightless and let me tell you it was a roller coaster. I’ve never been faced with the challenge of figuring out a new bait, the best hooks to use, best way to rig it, etc. without being able to go to forums or youtube videos, or even your favorite bass fishing blog to answer any questions I had.

So B-Bait recommends you fish this on a 4/0 to 5/0 EWG hook. Pretty standard hook size for soft plastics, so I picked up my 4/0 Mustad KVD grip pin soft plastics hook, the same one I fish most of my Texas Rigs on. I fished that every day for about at week, and by the end of it I was ready to javelin throw my set-ups into the center of the water. 

I had a ridiculous amounts of bites on that bait. It was shocking. On my first day out with it I had somewhere between 12-17 fish and that was still missing probably a third of my bites. My hook-up ratio was absolutely atrocious and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I tried reel-setting, putting it on different rods, changing my timing, EVERYTHING. 

Finally,  after looking back on my fishing career, debating selling all my tackle and changing my blog to “bookreviewswithburg”, I saw a pack of normal 4/0 EWG Gamakatsu hooks and compared them to the KVD grip pins and realized that I was a victim of another instance of  inconsistency in the fishing industry. 

Just like a Abu Garcia medium heavy rod is not even close to the same thing as what Dobyns calls a medium heavy, the hooks I had been using were absurdly smaller than a Gamakatsu 4/0. 

Actually Catching Fish

Finally once I was set-up with the right size hook for the job, I was able to consistently pull em out. These baits are the real deal. 

First of all, on the B-Bait website they claim the weight distribution of the bait and the salt content will make you cast further and more accurate.

Oooooooooookaaaayyyyyyyyy B-Baits, yeah, haven’t heard that one before. As a harsh critic of some of the advertising I see on soft plastic packages (Powerbait, looking at you, “fish bite and won’t let go!”) I was very skeptical.

But I actually found this to be true. I mean I’ve never fished a weightless plastic that I could sling across the pond like Aaron Rodgers. I was absolutely BOMBING this thing around. 

And not only that but it was heavy enough for me to flip it, drop it down in between the lily pads, and even in the slower parts of the current on the river which I was very impressed with.

When this bait drops it does a sort of tight flutter as it falls to the bottom, almost a shimmy. The bait is top heave so it will stand straight up with the skirt portion sticking up. Without a doubt this is a dead stick bait. I got bit on the fall, I got bit dragging it, popping it, lift and drop, but when I would just let it sit fish come unhinged for this thing. 

And I’ll tell you it’s because of natural action of the skirt as it sits in the water. Fish just go nutty for it. It turns into an absolute massacre when they eat it, they absolutely take off running. 

When I got bit on the fall it was like a senko bit, on or two taps. Same with dragging where they’d just pick it up. But when I just let it sit there they would yank the rod right out of my hand.

So yeah like this thing bleeds?

The bleeding thing for me was interesting. It’s very subtle it quite literally just leaks a little bit. Obviously this is brand new technology and new to the fishing industry, so many people out there will criticize it for being gimmicky but here are my honest thoughts on how I think it affects the fish.

I fished this bait for a lot of time with an active capsule in, and a lot of time without an active capsule, or one that should have worn off by the time the fish bit. I noticed a lot of times when I would put in a fresh capsule I would cast in and immediately get just one singular tap, but as soon as I reeled down the fish was gone. It happened multiple times, and even one time two casts in a row. 

What I believe this to be is what I call a curiosity bite. Bass are like big dumb little kids without hands. Little kids want to touch EVERYTHING. That’s how they learn and see what it is. And since bass don’t have hands they naturally just put it in their mouth instead.

See fish have never seen a bait bleed before. They don’t know what it is so they try to figure it out with their mouths. Once I figured this out, I stopped trying to set on the fish so quickly, and when I got a bite like that I let it sit on slack. I know it’s brutal to do but trust me, let it sit, after a bit give it a little shake and that fish will commit to it. That’s how I was able to get the curious ones into the boat.

Another area I find the blood capsules to be beneficial is the fact that it allows you to give scent to your bait when the salt smell wears off. Baits are on a countdown when you take them out of their package for how long they will smell in the water. Sure there are sprays, and of course dip-it die is a very effective scent as well but I tend to shy away from scents because I believe if a bait has one scent in it’s salt mix, throwing on a different scent out of a bottle seems unnatural, and possibly hindering in some cases. Obviously no science behind that, just my two cents there. 

Fisherman’s Favorite Topic: Color Choices

Obviously B-Baits kept to the staples with color choices here. Very basic fish catching colors. I lived all day with the green pumpkin and black baits, in fact I only have two black baits left in the entire package. They were without a doubt the biggest producer for me in stained and muddy water. 

I even threw the pink around one day and got a few fish off of it for the first time. What can I say I was feeling cocky that day. 

Usually, when it comes to colors I love to keep it simple. No one NEEDS a half watermelon have green pumpkin triple flake senko with a chartreuse tip in any scenario. But I would like to see a few more options here eventually from B-Bait once they hit the market. Watermelon red would be a good option as this is a craw imitating bait, I’d love a black and blue or black and blue flake. But all and all they’ve covered the necessities for any soft plastic and adding flake to the plastics is 90% a mental difference and a confidence thing for me. 

Not exactly con’s, but I guess we’ll call them non-pro’s..

Since I feel that I haven’t been overly negative about the bait, I’m going to put some areas I think the bait can improve because I don’t want to look like I’m kissing B-Bait’s butt because they hooked me up with some plastics. But in all honesty I really like the bait. I’m going to continue to purchase and fish with them because they are a versatile, well-made bait that flat out gets bit. 

First con on the list is that there is a little more maintenance required with this bait when compared to other soft plastics. And what I mean by that is the skirt end of the bait is hollow which exposes the hook eye and since the bait is worked by that end, often gets grass and weeds caught in the skirt. So you will find yourself pulling more stuff off your bait then say like a senko, but not too big of a deal. 

Another thing I noticed is these baits get absolutely torn up. Maybe it’s because I had to stop using my grip pin hooks that save more plastics than than a recycling facility, but specifically the hollow top part of the bait does not last more than a few fish. Luckily I quickly figured out if you unrig the bait and feed it through the other side you of the skirt you can get more fish out of it.

Another thing that is kind of a non-pro is that you have to completely unhook the bait to insert another capsule into it. For that reason I only found myself putting capsules in after catching a fish or changing baits because I didn’t want to tear up the plastic taking it all the way off and then back on again. 

Where to Next?

I can not wait for this bait to hit the market and I will be following B-Bait closely to see what they do in the future. I’ve been thinking of what they can do next so B-Baits I hope you’re reading this and I’d love to see these few things come out in the future.

1.) Fluke style baits: The point of a fluke already is to fool a fish into thinking it is a wounded baitfish, so a bleeding fluke is a no brainer for me. Absolutely Deadly.

2.) Dropshot Bait: I was thinking something that looks similar to the KVD Dreamshot, if something that had that profile was bleeding it would be killer on a drop shot hook. It would just give the dropshot a little more pulling power to attract fish from a bit farther away which is HUGE. 

3.) Craw trailers: A stinky bleeding jig to flip through the pads with that actually smells like a crawfish would be a dream come true! Make it happen B-Baits! 

Thank You B-Baits!

Finally I wanna give a huge thank you to B-Baits for letting me give this bait a try! It was truly incredible getting a new bait and having to figure out how to fish it on my own and that’s something I’ve never been given the opportunity to do. They really do have a good product here with a really cool concept that gets a lot of bites. I’m really looking forward to seeing them hit the shelves. 

 Right now they are being funded on kickstarter which is the only way to get their baits as of right now. They’re almost at 6 grand in funding and if you are want to give them a try, click here to go and do that, they cut you a really good deal, about 25% off retail value which is awesome. 

The link to their official website is can be found here, and finally give them a follow on instagram @b_bait_corp, they do tons of giveaways and you can win some free stuff. 

Try em out and go rip some lips!

                                                                                                                                                                                         Tight Lines,


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