BREAKING NEWS: We Are Nationally Ranked And That Does Not Change A Thing

BREAKING NEWS: We Are Nationally Ranked And That Does Not Change A Thing

Yes, you are reading that correctly. That is in fact a real award and we really got it. As of today, we are officially ranked on Feedspot’s Top Bass Fishing Blogs, click the link and see for yourself! Let me tell ya, it feels pretty surreal to be on the same list as the Tactical Bassin’s and the LakeForkGuys of the bass fishing community. 

So thank you Feedspot for the recognition it feels great to be a part of this list and I can not say enough how appreciative I am to officially have a nationally globally ranked fishing blog.

I know, you must have so many questions..

Q: Do I consider myself a celebrity now?

A: Yes

Q: Does being ranked #33 on a list of top 30 Bass Fishing Blogs even make sense?

A: No, but it’s kind of like hooking a fish by the tail (foul hooking), not exactly what I was going for but we’ll take it anyway

Q: Do I think I should’ve been ranked #1?

A: No, only because I believe Matt Allen (and Tim Little) from Tactical Bassin’ are the greatest things to happen to fishing since we stopped scooping fish out of the water with our hands. 

Q: Do I think I should’ve been ranked #2?

A: Absolutely I do, I’m still your #1 source for all things that swim in freshwater and rhyme with Ass. 

And the big one…

What happens now?

What is going to happen to my favorite bass fishing blog? Will bassinwithburg go mainstream now and lose his passion for helping people reel in fish after fish after fish after fish, day after day after day after day? Has he lost his spark? Will this change him? Is he a sellout now?

Absolutely not. In Fact, nothing in my life has changed me less than this has. I’m the same Larry catchin, tackle buyin, blog writin, son of a bitch since the birth of this fine website.

I will in a heartbeat sell out that is for certain (sponsors hmu: I want to make that very clear right now. I will absolutely 100% sell out right now if given the opportunity. 

But I will make this promise to all of my readers, if/when I do sell out, I promise to only sell out to the very best companies and the very best products so I will never fail to bring you my real recommendations. I make that promise to you. I’m a man of the people. 

Don’t thank me.

 So in honor and celebration of this glorious milestone, I decided to do a little ranking of my own! Here’s my top catches of last year! (if you want to see more of last year’s catches feel free to check out the gallery). 

#5.) The Curado Virginity

Nothin crazy here just the start of an incredible relationship with my favorite combo; the double curado k. Kind of a dink but she swallowed the jig for the first catch ever on my curado k set up.

#4.) Open Water Largie

All there is to it! A drop shot is absolutely DEADLY in the dog days of summer, don’t worry, we’ll cover that soon in an upcoming blog. 

#3.) Speaking of Dropshot..

by far my favorite fight I had all last year. This football was caught on my finesse dropshot rig deep into summer. 6lb fluorocarbon and a medium action shimano compre had my butt cheeks clenched the whole time! Absolute football though. 

P.S. That thing I’m holding was this stud’s lunch.

P.S.S. I’m lucky this fish is a stud because my d*****-bag levels in this picture are just off the charts.

#2.) Love the ladies during spawn

I caught this pretty lady in maybe 3 feet of crystal clear water all the way up in a brook that flows into a pond. Spawn is the best time to be a bank angler, all the action is up shallow and that’s where you should be. 

Remember to keep it quiet, at shallow depths bass can see, hear, and feel as little as a twig snapping on the bank. It’s a stealth mission in the spring, remember that.

#1.) And of course, my PB

I mean just look at her! She’s an absolute slaunch donkey. Screw everything else i’ve ever done in my entire life because this is easily the greatest accomplishment. Caught her with a punching jig just dropping it into the most vegetation I could find. 50lb braid and a heavy action Dobbins Fury Series horsed this brute out within maybe 3 seconds. 

I pulled her onto the bank with so much salad I had no clue what size she was, could’ve been a bluegill for all I knew. 

God bless this fish. 

Keep an eye out for a gallery tab coming soon! Please feel free to reach out and send in some topics you’d like to see covered in upcoming blogs. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our email list to keep up to date on all things bass. And as always

Tight Lines,


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