Quick Look at The Hottest Jig Trailers of Last Year and Getting Fish to Commit

Quick Look at The Hottest Jig Trailers of Last Year and Getting Fish to Commit

Bass Fishing Jig Trailers

A jig without the right trailer is just about as useful as a blind fishing guide. Or a bobber made out of lead.  Or water-soluble fishing line. You get it, jig and trailer combinations are a pretty big deal. 

what you’re looking at above are the baddest of the bad from spawn to ice for last year’s season. The cream of the crop. Top-notch bass candy for just about any scenario. Fish are drawn to your jig from the secondary action of the skirt, and often make their decision to bite based on the plastic you got rockin’. 

How you pick your trailer should be based on forage (what the fish are feeding on), weather conditions and wind, and most importantly- sex appeal. The sex appeal is probably the hardest part to explain so I’ll do that first.

Nothin is sexier than the classic chunk trailer

I mean look at that bad boy right there. She’s got nicer legs than my girlfriend. Now, I know you’re probably thinking- what exactly is that thing? What’s it supposed to look like?

The answer is- Nothing.

I don’t know what that is, you don’t know what that is and guess what- bass don’t either.

That’s why it’s a timeless classic for trailer choice. Looks a lot like nothing but a little bit like everything. The claws are large and have a really natural flowing action in the water. And they really don’t need to do much, they just need to sit back and look good like a chick on the beach. 

The chunk just looks meaty. It looks like a substantial meal. You want to throw on a chunk when you have no idea what’s down there. Maybe it’s a new body of water and you don’t know what the fish are feeding on, or you just can’t key in on a pattern, the chunk is a perfect option. 

Drop the missile..

Next up on the honor roll for last year is the Missile Baits D Bomb. Not surprisingly at all this was also my biggest fish producer for flipping baits last year. Flawlessly designed for the Texas Rig, she comes through cover like tap water through a sieve. 

Much like the chunk, it looks weird, but it looks really good. The ribs in the body section produce vibration as it comes through the water, and the larger claws and smaller “flippers” on the sides can are the perfect 1-2 punch for the back of your jig.

One modification that you should make is to pinch off the upper half of the D Bomb before you rig it on your jig. This will make the bait look much more natural and not hang off the back of you jig too much.

The action alone is enough for me to empty my entire wallet on these baits. But the color options for these baits work perfect for jig fishing. 

There’s a lot of controversy in the fishing community on whether or not to match your jig skirt color to the color of your trailer. Some say it stands out more to fish if you don’t, the colors catch their eye. The other side say that it’s unnatural, and you’d never see two distinct color patterns on the forage bass are feeding on.

The answer is simple: match, but also don’t.

The two most popular jig colors in bass fishing are Green Pumpkin and Black and Blue. Missile baits cleverly decided to combine the two in their Green Pumpkin Blue and Copper Chopper (shown above) color patterns to make a bait that can do it all.

You can have your cake, and thanks to Missile Baits- you can eat it too. 

Another flipping bait that I also use for my jig trailers is Strike King’s Rage Claw

Rage baits have a special place in my heart. Specifically designed to impart tons of action with the size and shape of their claws, they’re my go-to when I the conditions are windy, the water is choppy or murky. 

When fish can’t see, make sure they can feel. The lateral lines that run across both sides of bass species allow them to detect vibration and movement in the water. Allowing them to hunt even in poor water conditions and at night.

The Rage Claw imparts so much action in the water, it’s basically screaming into a megaphone “come eat me”.  Just like the D Bomb, you’re going to want to pinch a bit of this bait off. I usually pinch two sections in from the tail end of the bait and that seems to be the sweet spot.

The last trailer, but a certified fish killer in my eyes, is the NetBait Paca Chunk


They have a patent on their claws. 

A Patent.

And I don’t blame them at all. Anyone who’s fished with one of these knows there is something clearly proprietary about the action of those bad larries. They displace a lot of water. But it’s a much more subtle presentation than the Rage Claw, and much more than the action of normal chunks. Which makes it incredibly versatile.

It’s the perfect middle ground between viciously flapping in the water like a Rage, and lazily falling like a chunk. The claws seem to sway back and forth on the fall. It’s a beautiful thing, it really is. When it rests on the bottom, the claws lie at about a 45 degree angle, which makes it noticeable but not in defense mode

Only thing I will say is get a few packs of pacas because bass absolutely MASSACRE those claws. 

If you don’t have a jig tied on in the spawn than you’re dumber than a dummy. Hopefully these suggestions helped a little to narrow down your must-have jig and trailer combinations for the upcoming season. Don’t forget to check out our football jig blog as well as our swimming jig blog for more knowledge on how to haul some serious toads into the boat. 

As always, leave a comment or reach out to us with anything you would like covered! Don’t forget to subscribe for email notifications and if you have a buddy that needs some guidance in your boat don’t hesitate to send my blog along, I’d really appreciate it. 

 Tight Lines,



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