New Animated Lures Swimbait is A GAME-CHANGER!!

New Animated Lures Swimbait is A GAME-CHANGER!!

WOW. If you see through the mind-blowing realism of what you are viewing: that is a battery powered, self-swimming, jointed swimbait by Animated Lures. Basically the premise is you rig this bad boy up to a bobber, it will freely swim around for about 7 or 8 seconds, and then pause. It will do this on its own for an hour and 15 minutes on a full charge.

Oh yeah, and you can charge up your swimbait with a USB. Welcome to 2019 baby the future is here!

This revolutionary piece of technology sells for $35 in the big boy size (5.25in) , as well as $35 in the fun size (2.6in). To top it all off, they have some DEADLY paint jobs in there arsenal with just about every fish a bass could possibly snack on. 

I know what you’re thinking: seems cool an all but I’m not paying $35 bucks for something that’s going in a fish’s mouth. Hey, I hear ya loud and clear. I’m not affiliated with Animated Lures so I have no incentive to talk you into splurging on some new baits. If you don’t want to hook into massive bass that’s great! more power to you. But listen closely, because the happiness of “future you” depends on the actions of “present you” right now.

Always Get On Board Early With New Baits..

This very scenario happens all of the time in the sport of bass fishing. Picture this right: it’s 1949, you’re the first angler ever to rig up a Gary Yamamoto. You catch every bass in the lake with little effort. Why?

Click the link for more on how to Fish the Senko!

Because The Bass Have Never Seen That Before

Think about hitting the lakes right now, Bass probably cross paths with a senko 20 times a day in your lake. Bass remember getting caught. If you were eating a sandwich one day and all of the sudden you got yanked outta your home- you’d be traumatized! Now, Bass are pretty dumb so they’ll still hit it a number of times but at a certain point- they stop. 

But if you come at em with something they’ve never seen, they’ve never had a bad experience with, you can fool even the big and wise bass into making a mistake! Trust me, this happened with the Ned Rig, the Whopper Plopper, Even back before my time when the jointed Rapala’s came out. 

If you’re still unsure, every single bait that they have released is back ordered right now. Every single one. 

Do what any respectable bass fisherman would do. Pre-order 10 of those bastards in a few colors (especially the Rainbow Trout and American Shad patterns) and don’t look at your bank account a while. The wallet will hurt a bit but there’s a reason Biggie didn’t rap about Mo’ Tackle Mo’ Problems. 

You can thank me when you weigh in a 50 pound limit at your next tourney.

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